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Possible Cause Suggested Remedy
Material too hot a. Decrease melt temperature
b. Decrease mould temperature
c. Lengthen cycle time
Injection pressure too high a. Decrease injection pressure
b. Decrease boost time
c. Decrease injection rate
d. Increase transfer position (to lower injection peak pressure)
Excessive packing of material in cavities Decrease packing pressure
Projected area too large for available clamping force Use larger tonnage machine
Mould clamping pressure not properly adjusted a. Increase clamping pressure
b. Check mould parting line for obstruction
c. Check platen parallelism
Uneven or poor parting line and mating surfaces a. Remove mould, carefully inspect and repair parting lines, cavities and cores which do not have positive shut off
b. Add support for mould cores and cavities
Non-uniform cavity pressure due to unbalanced filling a. Balance/increase runner and gate sizes to obtain uniform filling
b. Properly balance cavity layout for maintaining uniform cavity pressure