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Duromer offers a wide range of services to assist our customers to find the ideal product from our extensive range that is best suited to the application.

Plastic Compounding

Duromer Products produces a wide variety of customised thermoplastic compounds in both engineering and polyolefin base materials. These are complemented by a suite of stock products for ease of use and quantity flexibility.

Technical Support

The Duromer Management and Sales teams are made up of technically competent people with more than 150 years combined experience. We can offer advice on product and tooling design coupled with recommendations on the selection of your polymer system and trouble shooting difficult moulding issues.

Duromer customers have access to all of the technical resources on offer and we encourage you to get us involved at all stages of your process.


Product Development

At Duromer we pride ourselves on providing customised solutions to your moulding issues through our inhouse product development process. If you are looking for a solution tailored to your needs rather than trying to make your process fit an off the shelf compound then we would be happy to assist.

All you need to do is contact your Duromer account manager or our customer service team for expert help and advice.

Repelletising of Scrap and Plastic Regrind

Duromer offers a service to re-pelletise your plastic regrind. By careful selection of stabilisers and additives we can give your scrap a chance at a new life. This process will allow you to re-use your scrap at higher percentages than would be possible otherwise.