Duromer Products is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic polymers and compounds to the plastics industry. Our expertise is the supply of locally manufactured customised thermoplastic solutions.

The Duromer difference is our ability to understand our customers’ challenges in today’s high tech market place. Through this understanding and our knowledge of polymers we are able to recommend either off the shelf products or where required formulate a customised compound solution.

We provide unmatched customer service and assist Injection Moulding and Extrusion companies to maximise profits by helping them to:

  1. Access innovative technology
  2. Reduce inventories through fast turnarounds and short runs
  3. Improve part performance and aesthetics
  4. Reduce scrap production
  5. Maximise scrap re-use rates through repelletising
  6. Reduce time to market through a fast and efficient product development process
  7. Find cost effective solutions to minimise cycle times

Duromer is ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and maintains a UL registered site.