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Duralon – Nylon (or Polyamide)

The majority of nylons are semi-crystalline and generally very tough materials with good thermal and chemical resistance. The different types (nylon 6, Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 12…) give a wide range of properties with specific gravity, melting point and moisture content tending to reduce as the nylon number increases.

Nylons are hygroscopic and they absorb moisture from their environment. This absorption continues until equilibrium is reached (generally 2.4% moisture for unfilled Nylon 6 at 50% relative humidity). In general, the impact resistance and flexibility of nylon will increase with moisture content, while tensile strength and stiffness decrease. The level of moisture absorbed is dependent on temperature and humidity while the rate is also influenced by crystallinity and part thickness. Preconditioning can be adopted to ensure parts achieve ultimate physical properties before being placed in service.

Nylons provide good resistance to most chemicals including hydrocarbons. However, because Nylon is a condensation polymer it can be attacked by strong acids, alcohols and alkalis. They can be used in high temperature environments due to their relatively high melting point. Heat Stabilised systems allow sustained performance at high temperatures.

It is the most versatile and performance proven engineering thermoplastic!

Duralon N6, N66, N12…

Duralon is from the family of Nylon based compounds, mainly compounded using Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 12 polyamide resin. Duralon compounds are specifically designed for a highly diversified range of injection, blow, extrusion and rotational moulding applications.

Our formulation flexibility allows us to engineer compounds with a wide variety of performance attributes, whether it is for high flexibility, impact resistance, stiffness, dimensional stability, tensile strength or enhanced surface finish with excellent processing conditions.

Duralon grades can be engineered with our “Easy-Mould” additive package for enhanced processing conditions. Easy-Mould delivers a rich uniform surface appearance even with the addition of reinforced additives such as glass fiber. The end result is lower reject rates, better aesthetics and faster cycle times.

Duralon products can be engineered with all of the following attributes:

  • Impact modified – (Improved Strength & Stiffness attributes)
  • Glass and Carbon Fiber reinforced – (Improved Strength, Stiffness & Dimensional Stability at high extrusion temperatures)
  • Glass Fiber & Impact modified – (As above + Improved surface appearance)
  • Mineral reinforced – (Enhances Strength, Stiffness & maintains typical chemical resistance)
  • Glass & Mineral reinforced – (Excellent balance of mechanical properties combined with minimal warpage)
  • Flame Retarded – UL94 V0, V2, 5Va, GWFI/GWIT…..
  • UV and Heat Stability
  • Colour, Anti-Stat, Anti-Microbial…We can customise a product formulation to your requirements


Duralon is designed for use primarily in injection moulding applications but can also be formulated for extrusion and blow moulding.

Duralon compounds can be used for many applications such as a replacement for metal parts, for example in car engine components. Excellent electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and toughness make nylon a good choice for high load parts in electrical applications such as insulators, switch housings and the ubiquitous cable ties. Another major application is for power tool housings.

Duralon is used in large applications in sport, such as ski bindings and in-line skates. This is because it has excellent fatigue properties and provides high impact and mechanical strength.