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Duralex – Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is an amorphous, engineering thermoplastic moulding compound.

It is characterized by its outstanding optical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties which include high light transmission (89% – same as glass), high heat resistance (up to 130’C), excellent toughness and impact resistance, extremely high dimensional stability and good electrical insulation properties.

Polycarbonate resin is used in a variety of applications including automotive forward lighting, ophthalmic lenses, sports equipment, CD’s & DVD’s, water bottles, drink ware, food containers and medical devices.

The material can be modified by the addition of glass fiber (strength & rigidity), flame retardant (environmentally conforming), UV stabilisers (to increase outdoor life) or mould release (for ease of moulding) and is available in food contact variants to comply with USA FDA and EU Food Regulations.

Duralex compounds can be engineered with all of the following attributes:

  • Impact modified – (Improved Strength & Stiffness attributes)
  • Glass Fiber reinforced – (Improved Strength, Stiffness & Dimensional Stability at high extrusion temperatures)
  • Glass Fiber & Impact modified – (As above + Improved surface appearance)
  • Mineral reinforced – (Enhances Strength, Stiffness & maintains typical chemical resistance)
  • Glass & Mineral reinforced – (Excellent balance of mechanical properties combined with minimal warpage)

PC is resistant to oils, fats and alcohol also at high temperatures. Other solvents affect it, and hot water decreases its ductility.



  • CD
  • Bullet-proof glass
  • Water container
  • Oxidation flask