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Mission Statement

As a supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative products, technical expertise and design solutions. We strive to meet the requirements of our diverse customer base by providing supreme service and continual improvement.

Company Profile

Duromer Products Pty Ltd (“Duromer”) was established in April 1988, to take advantage of an opportunity to distribute a range of engineering plastic raw materials (Nylon 6 and PET) and barrier films manufactured by AlliedSignal Inc. (now Advan6 LLC.) in the United States.

Initially Duromer acted as a merchant of Honeywell’s engineering compounds and films, until May 1995 when Duromer acquired a licence from Honeywell for the manufacture and distribution of their Nylon 6 and PET range of engineering compounds in Australia and other defined markets.

In 2004, after BASF purchased the engineering compounds division from Honeywell, Duromer became independent and commenced manufacture of our own range of proprietary products and at the same time broadening our product offering to include more polymers and additive choices.

In 2010 we relocated to a purpose built facility is Sydney’s South-West, strategically located close to major arterial roads for improved logistics.

In 2012, Duromer entered the Recycled Polymers market with a range of high quality post industrial recycled thermoplastics including PP, PE, ABS.

In December of 2014, Duromer became the only Australian manufacturer of Long Fibre Thermoplastic compounds under the brand name of Polystruct.

A year later, in December 2015, Duromer established DuroColour and our first off shore manufacturing facility just outside of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. This new facility was focused on the production of Colour and Additive thermoplastic masterbatch.

July 2021 is the year that Spell Capital Partners LLC, in conjunction with the senior management team, purchased Duromer and DuroColour from the Australian shareholders.

May 2022 witnessed the further expansion of our Vietnamese facilities as we commenced building our new engineering compounds business in the factory adjacent to DuroColour’s masterbatch plant. Operations officially commenced in February 2023.

Duromer’s key strength in the engineering plastics market is to design products to provide specific solutions and then support and manage this process to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

The business has focused on a ‘can do’ approach and routinely handles liquid flame retardants and plasticisers as well as metal powders to increase SG or for sound-deadening.