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Possible Cause Suggested Remedy
Moulded part ejected too hot a. Decrease melt temperature
b. Decrease mould temperature
c. Increase cooling time
d. Cool part in warm water after ejection
e. Utilize shrink fixture
Differential shrinkage due to non-uniform filling a. Increase injection rate
b. Increase packing pressure
c. Balance gates and runners
d. Increase/decrease injection time
e. Increase runner and gate size
Differential shrinkage due to non-uniform wall thickness a. Provide increased cooling to thicker sections
b. Increase cooling time
c. Operate mould halves at different temperatures
d. Redesign part with uniform wall sections
Knockout system poorly designed Redesign knockout system for balanced ejection forces
Melt temperature too low Increase melt temperature to pack out part better
Glass fibre orientation Relocate gate