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Splay (Silver Streaking)

Splay (Silver Streaking)
Possible Cause Suggested Remedy
Excess moisture in material during processing a. Review material handling to eliminate moisture pick up
b. Dry material prior to moulding
c. Utilize hopper dryers
Melt temperature too high a. Decrease barrel temperatures
b. Decrease nozzle temperature
Excessive shear heat from injection a. Decrease injection rate
b. Reduce screw RPM
c. Increase runner size and/or gates
d. Check for nozzle obstruction
Air entrapment a. Reduce screw decompression
b. Improve mould venting
Condensation and/or excessive lubricant on mould surface a. Increase mould temperature
b. Clean mould surface with solvent
c. use mould release sparingly
Moisture condensing in feed section of barrel a. Decrease throat cooling
b. Increase rear zone temperature setting