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Short Shots

Short Shots
Possible Cause Suggested Remedy
Melt temperature too low Increase melt temperature
Mould temperature too cold Increase mould temperature
Injection pressure too low a. Increase first stage pressure
b. Increase boost time
c. Increase injection speed
Insufficient feed a. Increase shot size to maintain a constant cushion
b. Inspect non-return valve for wear
Insufficient injection forward time a. Increase injection forward time
b. Increase injection rate
Entrapped air causing resistance to fill a. Provide proper venting
b. Increase number and size of vents
Restricted flow of material to cavity a. Increase gate size
b. Increase runner size
c. Use nozzle with larger orifice
Unbalanced flow to cavity in multi-cavity mould a. Increase gate size
b. Redesign runner to provide balanced flow